Mjolnir- Silver edition

552 kr

Silver Mjolnir pendant without neck cord.

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Mjonir is probably the most famous symbol from the ancient Norse. It was a very powerful weapon wielded by Thor, the god of thunder.

Mjolnir pendants were used in ancient Scandinavia as a symbol by the people who were sticking to their old pagan ways. A symbol of defiance!

This pendant is made of 28g solid sterling silver (92,5% pure silver). The pendant will be delivered in a luxurious gift box without a neck cord.

Measurements: 52 x 29 x 9 mm / 2.04 x 1.14 x 0.35 inch

Do you want to learn more about Mjolnir? Read our blog posts about him.


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Mjolnir - Silver edition

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Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 52 x 29 x 9 mm

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