Welcome to Vallheims Blog. Here I, André Andersson, will post my toughs on Norse mythology, the Vikings, modern craftmenship, how it inspired me to make unique designs and how the designs fits the old stories.

The raven pendant is here!

It have been a while since I introduced a new dog tag pendant but now it´s finally time for a new one, and this time it´s the ravens which will get a special place in the Vallheim collection. Who does not love these mythical birds, roaming the world,...

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Two new pendants

After allot of work we can finally introduce two new pendants. King Mjolnir and Twin raven. Both with symbolic connection to Norse mythology. Visit them in the shop.

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Bronze Mjolnir

Our Mjolnir pendant is finally available in solid Bronze! Check out: https://www.vallheim.com/product/mjolnir-bronze-edition/

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One of three epic items

That the hammer Mjolnir was the weapon Thor used when fighting giants is well known, but it´s not as commonly known that he also used two other magical artifacts in his skull-crushing crusades. Thor was the strongest amongst both humans and gods, but he also possessed...

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What´s with the name Mjolnir?

What´s with the name of Thors epic hammer-weapon Mjolnir you might think? Bringing the name directly from the Scandinavian language into English does, unfortunate, remove it´s meaning. I guess it can be unwise using a translation as well because it would probably not...

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A new Mjolnir pendant is finally here. Unique design and lots of silver. We have also updated our Silver edition dog tags with a larger hole on the pendant allowing you to use much thicker chains. Check out our new Mjolnir here:...

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To forge a world

After the giant Ymer, who lived in the void Ginnungagap, was slain by the three brothers Odin, Vile and Ve, they hauled his body to the center of the void and shaped it into a world. From his blood they made lakes and rivers, from his flesh the soil, his bones were...

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The birth of a god and the death of a giant

At the beginning, according to Norse mythology, there were heat and cold. From the void in between the giant Ymer emerged and after him the milk spraying cow Audhumla followed. What happened next would change the… void… forever. As Ymer feasted on the milk from...

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Holy cow

I´m going to dive back into the creation myths of Norse mythology – back to the very beginning. I have previously told you about Ymer, the first giant, so let´s start at his dinner table. Everybody knows a giant can´t live on air and luckily for Ymer he did not have...

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The Midsummer’s eve

Today, the 24th of June, is when we celebrate Midsummer in Sweden. It´s Sweden’s second biggest holiday after Julafton (Christmas) and the tradition stretches back to ancient times. The modern celebration is of course very different from the old ways, traditions do...

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