What´s with the name of Thors epic hammer-weapon Mjolnir you might think? Bringing the name directly from the Scandinavian language into English does, unfortunate, remove it´s meaning. I guess it can be unwise using a translation as well because it would probably not be identified as a name if we did. I choose to use the English version of the name here at Vallheim because people knows what it is, but that does not stop me from explaining it´s true meaning.

The name Mjölner (Mjǫllnir) does actually contain a word still in use and that is Mjöl (Swedish), Mel (Norwegian and Danish), Mehl (German). It is a word from the proto-germanic language dating back between 9000 – 5500 years and if we translate it to English we get ‘flour’. The word can also be used on any material made into a fine powder, but the main use is flour.

Now, we can´t really translate the name Mjölner to Flourer, that meaning would rather hint of an epic baking tool, so we need to go back to the process form where we get the flour. It´s from the milling process itself the true meaning comes and that would either be described as ‘milling the grain’ or ‘crushing the grain’.

I believe that if we would do a true translation into English, what the original name Mjölner were intended to imply, we would have to call it Miller or Grinder (the process where we make something into dust between two stones). But see, here I think it´s ok with a compromise. It´s hard picturing Thor swinging a terrified Miller around, so why not settle for the third option Crusher as in ‘crushing the grain in a mill’? At least that sounds like a weapon in English.

It would still not be 100% correct when you cant get flour from crushing things in the Scandinavian language. Crushing is rather the word you use when you smash something into smaller pieces in a violent way. But Thor does not really care as long as it breaks!

Check out our new Mjolnir here:

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