I´m going to dive back into the creation myths of Norse mythology – back to the very beginning. I have previously told you about Ymer, the first giant, so let´s start at his dinner table.

Everybody knows a giant can´t live on air and luckily for Ymer he did not have to either, at least not for very long. As the primal ice of Nifelheim continued to melt, a cow emerged from the last remains of the frozen water. Ymer called her Audhumla and from her nipples four steady streams of milk poured into the Ginnungagap.

I presume Ymer was not lactose intolerant, because he feasted on that milk until it was time for him to die by the hand of three very powerful beings. Little did he know that it was his cow’s diet that would indirect kill him, but not in the way you might presume…

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