At the end of the rainbow-bridge Bifrost sits a grand castle named Himinbjörg, the home of the watcher and protector of the realm; the god Heimdall. His sole purpose in Asgård (realm of the gods) is to prevent the evil giants from entering.
He is also called Gyllentanne (Goldentooth) due to his golden teeth.

To do this noble work, he have been blessed with several abilities. He can see as clear in the night as in the day, a hundred miles in each direction. He can hear the grass in the soil grow down on earth, and hear the wool grow on the sheep.

He does not need more sleep then a bird either… and when we now lives in a time of enlighten, I did a checkup on how much sleep a bird actually needs. It turns out that, at least a domesticated pet bird, needs about 8-12h sleep a night, so the watcher Heimdall manage below an average of 10h sleep a day which is comforting.

He is a very big fellow and believe it or not, he was born from nine virgins (take that Christ!) and atop of all that, they were all sisters. I guess they did 1 month each.

He also carries a large horn named Gjallarhorn. When he blows that horn, it´s sound travels to all the worlds in the universe. Perfect for warning the gods of danger, and perfect for waking someone up on the other side of space and time when the same gods are in danger.

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