Odin bronze viking dog tag pendant
In the Edda it is explained that Odin carries many names depending where in the world people worship him and what language they speak.
You are not allowed to call yourself wise if you don´t know the old stories about him traveling across the globe. Weird way to measure wisdom if you ask me, but anyway. Here are a few names mentioned.

Odin say (Swedish translation): “My name is Grimer and Gaugrader, Tuder, Uder, Helblinde and Har, Sadier, Svipall, Sanngetall, Herteit, Hnikar, Bileyg, Baleyg, Bölverk, Fjölner, Grimmer, Glapsvider, Fölsvider, Sidhötter, Sidskägg, Sigfader, Hnikad, Herjan, Hjälmbäre, Tecker, Tridi, Allfader, Astrider, Farrmartyr, Oske, Ome, Jafnhar, Biflinde, Göndler, Harbard, Svidur, Svidrer, Jalk, Kjalar, Vidur, Tror, Ygger, Tunder, Vaker, Skilfing, Vafud, Hroftatyr, Göter, Veratyr.”

Knowing that the Edda is a collection of old Islandic folk stories I can only state that they had an unhealthy fetish regarding naming things in as many ways they could think of.


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