Fenris (Fenrir) was a huge wolf who the God trapped on the island Lyngve. During Ragnarök (the end of the world), he broke loose and eventually killed Odin, the mightiest of all gods. But what crime did Fenris initially commit to earn such a harsh punishment as being trapped for an eternity?

The answer is that I have not been able to find any. The only reason the Edda (the book most of the Norse mythology is based on) gives is that the Gods were afraid of how big Fenris became and what he might do in the future.
It kind of sounds like if someone buys a mini-pig for the kids, and a few months later the pig eats directly from dinner table with all four feet’s on the ground… of course you will become afraid and tie the animal to a pole eventually, but is the fear rational? Maybe…

I can´t stop wondering how Ragnarök would have turn out if the Gods would have treated Fenris fairly and made him fight by their side instead. Because as it was, I can understand that he was fairly pissed.

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